4 Cowboys studs (and 1 dud) after carving up the Commanders on Thanksgiving

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Dallas Cowboys Dud: Sam Williams, EDGE

Sam Williams stopped Jameson Crowder on the first punt of the day by Dallas which should have put the Commanders inside their own five. That's not where they started with the ball, however, since Williams was guilty of a facemask penalty. That flag gave them an extra 15 yards, setting Washington up at the 18.

They did have to punt after eight plays and just 38 yards but since they started in a decent position, that punt pushed Dallas back to their own 10. It was an early chance to flip field position but that didn't happen thanks to a mistake from Williams. It also wasn't the first time he had a gaffe on special teams recently.

Last week, Williams was hit with another costly penalty on special teams. The second-year defensive end was guilty of running into the kicker as Dallas had forced a punt from Carolina. His penalty gave them a fourth-and-two, which they wound up converting. They had 12 more plays after the punt and finished with their lone touchdown of the game — none of which should have happened if not for the penalty on Williams.

On defense, Williams was fine and he still has a lot to offer on special teams. The fact that he's a 260-pound gunner is amazing but he has to find a way to clean up the penalties. If he does, he will be a huge weapon for this team.