4 burning questions Cowboys face this offseason after retaining Mike McCarthy

So...what's next for the Dallas Cowboys?
Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys season is over. Mike McCarthy has been retained. Where does the team go from here?

The decision to retain McCarthy has now opened up Pandora's box, a box full of questions about the future of this franchise and how the Cowboys will now choose to shape it. Jerry Jones is obviously settling for the status quo, but with McCarthy back in the mix, how are the Cowboys really going to move forward and progress from this plateau they are stuck on?

What are the biggest looming questions now that the Dallas job is officially off the market?

1. So...No Bill Belichick then?

Based on the quality of the team, the brand, the resources available, and just about any other factor you could possibly consider...There are few jobs in the NFL better than the Dallas Cowboys head coach. Not to mention, that income is tax-free...

Sorry Chargers, you can't offer that.

All kidding aside, I think the number one question with McCarthy back is obviously what did you just pass up on? This would obviously be a very desirable job if available, and you don't see legendary coaches like Bill Belichick available every offseason. I guess Jerry Jones was okay not going that route, or even trying.

At the same time, you've also got Jim Harbaugh out there considering NFL head coaching offers. Mike Vrabel is available.

There are good coaches out there, and the Cowboys had a chance to potentially upgrade, which is a big reason why this move is a curious one.