4 best (and 2 worst) Cowboys trades under Jerry Jones

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5. Joey Galloway (Worst)

When Michael Irvin retired after the 1999 season, the Cowboys had a glaring need for a new number one receiver. Jones sold the future for Joey Galloway, trading their 2000 and 2001 first and second round picks to the Seahawks. The hope was Galloway would pair well with Raghib Ismail to form a dynamic receiving duo for Aikman.

Galloway was lost for the year in his first game as a Cowboy, tearing his ACL on opening day against the Eagles. The team finished 5-11 and Aikman retired following another series of concussions. With no Aikman, Dallas had no clearcut starter at quarterback. Had they not traded away their 2001 first and second round picks, the Cowboys could have drafted a rookie quarterback early. Names like Drew Bress would likely have been available.

Dallas ultimately drafted Quincy Carter to replace Aikman, but they could have gotten a better quarterback for the future had the Galloway trade not happened. The former Seahawk rebounded from injury in 2001, playing in all 16 games with 699 receiving yards and three touchdowns. He had his best season for Dallas statistically in 2002 with 908 yards and six touchdowns followed by leading the NFL in yards per catch average in 2003 with 19.8. After the season, Dallas traded him for Keyshawn Johnson.

Galloway gave the Cowboys less than what they were hoping for when the trade was made and in doing so failed to find their true starting quarterback until 2006. His stock was high in the late 1990s, but by the early 2000s, Galloway was a shell of what he used to be. This trade was arguably one of the worst Jerry made throughout his career.