3 winners (and 2 losers) in Cowboys loss to Eagles in Week 9

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• Dak Prescott gave his all in this loss

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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Cowboys Dud: Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy gets a lot of unfair criticism. While Sean Payton (155-94-0) is praised as an amazing coach, McCarthy (160-99-2) has a very similar winning percentage. He also won a Super Bowl in 2010 which is more recent than Payton, who won his the prior season.

Having said that, there are some very fair critiques thrown his way. One of those is how bad he can be when it comes to time management. An example of this came in their win over the Los Angeles Chargers when McCarthy elected to run the clock down a kick a field goal before the half. Even team owner Jerry Jones was less than thrilled with the decision since there was more than enough time to get another play off.

This weekend, McCarthy had a couple of miscues.

One was early in the first. On the Eagles opening drive, they were able to convert a fourth-and-one from their own side of the field. The problem is, they should have been in a fourth-and-two. Jalen Hurts was stopped short of the line but the replay showed an incredibly favorable spot for Philly. Had McCarty challenged, they might have elected to punt.

He then wasted far too much time at the end of the game. Dallas was driving in an attempt to steal the win and McCarthy slowed his offense down. Not only was this a mistake since it gave them under a minute for a last-ditch effort, but the hurry-up was getting it done.

McCarthy and the Cowboys are far from done and they might even find a way to beat the Eagles at home when they play in Week 14. But this is one they wanted in the worst way and McCarthy didn't do enough to secure the victory.