3 trade candidates the Cowboys could pursue before training camp

What trade candidates could the Dallas Cowboys pursue before training camp?
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It's been a rather quiet offseason for the Dallas Cowboys in 2024, but there's still time to make a little noise. Although the biggest deals are likely all done already at this point, you just never know when teams could make a big trade before training camp as they make last-minute roster preparations. For the Cowboys, a trade getting done before training camp might represent arguably their biggest move of the entire 2024 offseason.

The Cowboys are in a bit of a race against time when it comes to the contract situations of both quarterback Dak Prescott as well as wide receiver CeeDee Lamb. Those deals take precedence over everything else but this team also can't just roll over and not be aggressive this season.

So long as Prescott is on the roster, the Cowboys need to be in "win now" mode and do what it takes to add talent to this team. Are there any players they could realistically go after before training camp? Some of these deals may be tough to pull off, but you never know.

3 major trades the Dallas Cowboys could make before training camp

1. Saints RB Alvin Kamara

One area of the roster the Cowboys got weaker over the last couple of offseasons is at running back. They moved on from Ezekiel Elliott in 2023 (although they've now brought him back) and they moved on from Tony Pollard in 2024. Even with Elliott back in the mix for the 2024 season, the running back spot is a question mark.

It just so happens that Alvin Kamara has been holding out of his situation with the New Orleans Saints and you never know if they might be willing to trade him away. The complicated aspect of this possibility is, of course, Kamara's contract. The Cowboys would have to sign him to a new deal with a very low cap hit in 2024, but that's not impossible.

Pairing up Kamara and Elliott might have been a bit more appealing four years ago but those guys could still really help the Dallas offense in 2024.

2. Broncos RB Javonte Williams or Samaje Perine

The Denver Broncos are going to be an interesting team to watch this year as they move on into the second year of the Sean Payton era. Last year, Javonte Williams was the team's leader in overall touches, but he was wildly ineffective coming off of a major knee injury in 2022, especially as the season went along.

Despite the Broncos not being perceived as the best overall roster in the NFL, they might have enough depth at running back to trade either Javonte Williams or Samaje Perine, both slated for 2025 free agency. Having another veteran in the backfield to go along with Ezekiel Elliott would be huge for Dallas, especially players who can play all three downs like Williams and Perine.

It doesn't seem likely both will make the roster in Denver. Williams would be a nice shot at upside and a possible longer-term solution for Dallas while Perine has played in big games, is great in 2-minute situations, and catches a lot of passes.

3. Titans WR Treylon Burks

The Tennessee Titans are putting Treylon Burks through the ringer this offseason, putting him on special teams and basically treating him like an undrafted player. The former first-round pick out of Arkansas hasn't lived up to his NFL Draft status, but he's plenty talented and is now buried on the depth chart behind a handful of veterans.

There's a new coaching staff in place in Tennessee, and it's possible they could be looking to maximize value on someone like Burks...by sending him elsewhere.

There's no doubt that Jerry Jones would have a soft spot for the former Arkansas Razorback. The Cowboys could use a talented, cost-controlled reclamation project like this at wide receiver. Burks could be a better fit in Dallas than his current situation with the Titans.

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