3 things the Cowboys must do the next two weeks to avoid another Cardinals disaster

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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3. Offense needs to get right in the redzone

It sounds like a broken record, but the Cowboys' redzone offense continues to struggle at times. According to TeamRankings.com, the Cowboys are 29th in the league in redzone scoring percentage. While that ranking is trending up by the smallest of margins, this offense still has major work to do.

This two-week stretch is a great opportunity for Mike McCarthy to start dialing up some new things for this offense. Dak Prescott played well against the Eagles in a significant game, but the team still went 3-5 (60%) in the redzone. While that is a better percentage than what the team was doing early in the year, settling for field goals against quality teams will not get it done when it matters.

Brandin Cooks was brought in to provide extra help to take pressure off of CeeDee Lamb, but so far Lamb remains the only true consistent wide receiver. Cooks' lack of use in the offense was brought to light during McCarthy's media session on Monday.

While McCarthy's comments at end make sense, the fact Lamb was the only receiver to go over 100 yards in a big game has to be a bit discouraging. Michael Gallup dropped a few key balls and Jalen Tolbert stepped up, but the offense needs to have another huge weapon inside the 20. Hopefully Tolbert catching his first NFL touchdown will help build his confidence, but passes need to go to Cooks down by the goal line as well like in the Chargers game.

Based on these last two games, the offense looks like they are finally starting to click, but there is a lot of room for improvement. Even if these game turn into blowouts early, McCarthy should still keep the offense in attack mode. After these two games are the Seattle Seahawks and a rematch with the Eagles, which could be another chance to try to challenge for the NFC East crown.

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