3 things the Cowboys must do the next two weeks to avoid another Cardinals disaster

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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The Dallas Cowboys are sitting at 5-3 after a close loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite the loss, the team played arguably one of their best games of the season against a quality opponent. Now Dallas will look to stack up two more wins in a row against two of the worst teams in the league.

That task sounds easy enough, but the Cowboys have already had a game this season where they did "Cowboys things" and let an inferior opponent hang around. In that game it turned into a worse case scenario as Dallas lost to an Arizona Cardinal team with no Kyler Murray or Budda Baker. That win remains the Cardinals only win, making the loss look worse.

Now the Cowboys are staring at their second matchup against the divisional rival New York Giants and the one-win Carolina Panthers for the next two weeks. With the loss to Eagles on Sunday, the Cowboys are now two and half games back in the lead for the NFC East, meaning many games left on the schedule are vital to making the playoffs and fighting for the division title.

Dallas has taken care of business in all games except the Arizona game against teams less talented than them. In fact, most have been blowouts by halftime. Now facing two teams likely heading for high draft picks, what do the fans need to see from them to insure those games are not let downs?