3 Cowboys who deserve to be benched after crushing Week 9 loss

Which Dallas Cowboys players need to be benched after Week 9 loss to Eagles?
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The Dallas Cowboys lost a heartbreaker to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday evening, and the result of the game was even more crushing when you realize how close a victory was. The "game of inches" wasn't in Dallas's favor against Philadelphia, even as the Eagles gifted the Cowboys almost the entire field in penalties late in the fourth quarter with Dallas in desperation mode.

When you break down a game like this, you obviously want to find out what players played the biggest part in losing a divisional game with massive implications, and then make necessary changes to the depth chart.

Which Dallas Cowboys players need to be benched after inexcusably bad play against the Philadelphia Eagles? Let's take a look at a trio of names...

3 Dallas Cowboys players who need to be benched after Eagles loss

1. Terence Steele, RT

Wow. Just wow.

To say that Terence Steele played a bad game against the Philadelphia Eagles would have to be the understatement of the year, right? I mean, you could reasonably argue that if any individual player cost the Cowboys this game, it would be Terence Steele.

Now, that's really a brutal way to look at an entire game, which is played by a team, but take a look at some of these figures:

That's staggering, especially when you look back at the game and how close it was despite this performance. What was particularly disturbing about this performance is how great the Cowboys' passing game played just about the entire game, but with Philadelphia's pass rush getting home late in the game, Dallas wasn't able to complete the comeback.

I don't know exactly what the solution is with Dallas and Terence Steele, at least in terms of outright replacing him, but this type of performance cannot be tolerated going forward.