3 struggling Cowboys starters who could be replaced after the bye

Which Dallas Cowboys players could end up being replaced at the bye week?
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Even with a 4-2 record, a top-five scoring offense, and a top-five scoring defense, it's possible we could see some significant lineup shuffling for the Dallas Cowboys after the team's bye week. The Cowboys, of course, had a bye in Week 7 (as did a variety of NFL teams). With Week 8 looming and the Cowboys having a matchup at home against the Los Angeles Rams, what changes to the starting lineup could we see, if any?

There have definitely been some underachieving or disappointing players on both sides of the ball. What players might be in line to get replaced? Let's take a look at a handful.

1. Jourdan Lewis, nickel cornerback

After the Dallas Cowboys' latest game against the Los Angeles Chargers, Jourdan Lewis might have sent Cowboys fans over the edge for good. He was called out for a lack of effort when he seemingly just jogged as Keenan Allen scored a relatively easy touchdown for the Chargers in the first quarter of that particular game.

Cowboys fans are understandably already dreading the idea of Lewis having to go up against Cooper Kupp all afternoon in the slot on Sunday against the Rams, and that's pretty understandable at this point. If Sean McVay just turns on the tape of the Cowboys' matchup against the Chargers or their loss to the San Francisco 49ers, he's going to see some obvious ways he can exploit this weakness on Dallas's defense right now.

The sad thing is, the Cowboys traded young Kelvin Joseph, who was emerging as a possible slot option for them. Noah Igbinoghene has thus far provided depth and special teams abilities. Maybe the Cowboys will have to get creative in the secondary against the Rams.