3 positions where the Cowboys could double dip in the 2024 NFL Draft

Where could the Dallas Cowboys double dip in the 2024 NFL Draft?
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2. Offensive tackle

There may not be a better overall position group in this year's draft than the offensive tackle position, which is the best combination of top-heavy and deep.

There are elite prospects in this class and there are guys who could end up being steals in just about every round, depending on where a certain outlet projects them. There are offensive tackles who have NFL-ready talent and there are prospects who could be great starters with the right coaching and seasoning.

In a draft class like this, the Cowboys would almost be foolish not to hedge their bets by drafting multiple guys. They will certainly be hoping someone falls to that 24th overall pick where the run on offensive linemen and certainly tackles will have already taken place.

The Cowboys might have to dip into the second tier of tackles in this year's class (which isn't bad, by any means), but it could force them to look at players who may have positional versatility at certain points of the draft. Someone like Jordan Morgan in the first round could project better to the guard position at the next level, or maybe the Cowboys land a pair of tackles that could eventually be their bookend starters in the future.

What if they go back-to-back tackle picks in the first and second rounds, perhaps landing a combination of Jordan Morgan of Arizona and Roger Rosengarten of Washington? There's good value all over the board and the departure of Tyron Smith means Dallas can't take any risks or put all of their faith in just one guy. Grab a second option with positional versatility and get two future starters.