3 perfect Cowboys trade targets nobody is talking about

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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1. Patriots WR Kendrick Bourne

The Cowboys aren't crying out for help at WR, but Michael Gallup's continued regression doesn't appear to be changing for the better anytime soon. Dak Prescott completed just 3-of-10 passes when targeting Gallup in Week 6, and Gallup again ranks near the bottom of the league in creating separation.

Worst of all is that Gallup isn't the contested-catch savant he was pre-ACL injury. His explosion is lacking to say the least and memories of him beating press coverage (not that he was ever great in that regard) are fading fast.

Bourne, meanwhile, would add a needed explosion element to the Cowboys passing game. Helmed by Mac Jones, the Patriots offense has neutered talented playmakers like RB Rhamondre Stevenson and WR Davante Parker.

Bourne impressively has been the lone outlier in New England. He leads the team in targets, receiving yards and touchdowns despite his slight 205-pound frame and is currently ninth among NFL receivers in yards after the catch per reception, per PFF (subscription required). He also hasn't dropped a pass on 51 targets.

As reluctant as Bill Belichick might be to sell off his top offensive player, Bourne's been a frequent mention on the trade front throughout his Patriots tenure. Nobody's talking about him as a Cowboys target, but he'd be a dream addition to the offense amid Gallup's struggles to cement himself as the WR2.

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