3 kickers on the chopping block the Cowboys should be monitoring

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
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2. Cairo Santos

Cairo Santos is in a similar situation as Folk with the only difference being the Bears signed an undrafted free-agent kicker instead of drafting one. That won't stop the team from keeping who they believe the better option is and oftentimes the younger legs win out. That would leave Santos looking for a new team and he might just be a perfect fit for the Cowboys.

The current flavor of the day for Dallas fans at kicker is Robbie Gould, and while he's a great kicker in this league he doesn't have the big leg he use to. Santos, on the other hand, does and is effective when called upon to use it, converting 4-of-5 kicks from 50 or more yards just like Folk.

What stands out about Santos and makes him the better option, though, is his high touchback percentage. Last season, it stood at 57.1%, while Folk checked in at 9.1%. Santos is clearly the better option and one Dallas needs sto keep an eye on.