3 free agent running backs the Cowboys should sign instead of Ezekiel Elliott

Dallas is still shopping for a running back, but because of what they are willing to pay, the options are limited.
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The Dallas Cowboys have been relatively quiet during the first few days of free-agency. After not making a single move until day three, many hounded them for not attacking this intriguing running-back market.

The 2024 free agent running back class might be one of the best in years. With most now having found their new homes, teams like Dallas are looking to pick up what is left. The only real leftover name that has been linked to the Cowboys is ex-running back Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott, is the "ground and pound runner this offense is longing for, but a reunion wouldn't be in Dallas' best interests.

While we wouldn't turn our nose up at Elliot returning, there are other running backs available that would make a lot more sense than the two-time rushing champ. Here are some names that spring to mind in that regard.

3. Damien Harris

If saving money is really what "all-in" means to Jerry Jones, then Dallas's cheapest option to adding depth at running back is signing Damien Harris. Harris, now 27, is a quality bruiser and his disciplined running style is attractive. Though he did not play much in 2023, Harris can still come in and give the Cowboys good depth.

Harris's small sample-size over the least few years and his quiet stint in Buffalo make him fairly cheap at the moment, which Dallas will like.

The Cowboys love going after veteran backs to add depth. Guys like Ronald Jones and Darren McFadden -- if you want to think back even further -- were both brought in at fairly cheap rates to add depth. Dallas could go this route again by signing Harris. Regardless of how well Harris would perform for them, getting him at such a small price makes this a fair move.