3 early overreactions from Dallas Cowboys minicamp

We've heard great things out of Cowboys minicamp, but can we really trust them or are we getting ahead of ourselves?
Dallas Cowboys Training Camp
Dallas Cowboys Training Camp / Josh Lefkowitz/GettyImages
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3. The Cowboys need to sign free agents to fill holes

We've all seen the articles about the Cowboys needing to bring in free agents after the draft to fill holes -- that includes myself. There's this feeling that the Cowboys are in desperate need of another receiver, running back, left guard, and kicker.

Now, the kicker situation is a valid need as you rarely see a team go into training camp with just one kicker on the roster, but the others could just be the media and fan base hoping the Cowboys continue making moves much like they did in free agency trading for Brandin Cooks and Stephen Gilmore.

But as much as well want these things, the Cowboys player personnel department led by Will McClay may not think so, and if they feel that way then we need to trust them. This McClay-led group has been able to work wonders with a Dallas roster that has been pieced together with draft picks and cheap free agents year after year.

This front office and coaching staff have a far better feel for this roster than anyone else does and again outside of signing a kicker. We should trust their judgment, especially with Will McClay helping steer the roster-building ship.

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