3 early overreactions from Dallas Cowboys minicamp

We've heard great things out of Cowboys minicamp, but can we really trust them or are we getting ahead of ourselves?
Dallas Cowboys Training Camp
Dallas Cowboys Training Camp / Josh Lefkowitz/GettyImages
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2. The Texas Coast offense will take off under Mike McCarthy and Brian Schottenheimer

Once we heard that Kellen Moore wouldn't be returning to the Cowboys this season, the knee-jerk reaction was how can you get rid of an offensive coordinator that consistently had his offense in the top-10 of the league?

While that's a fair question, there are reasons that the move was made, whether you believe it's due to the play-calling predictability, the over usage of hook/curl routes that caused interception issues for Dak Prescott, or Moore's desire to run the offense he wanted and rejecting feedback from his players and head coach.

We will never really know the truth, but one thing we do know is that there's a lot of excitement around the new Texas Coast offense from McCarthy and Schottenheimer. We've been hearing about them wanting to run the football more to set up play-action, limiting the use of hook/curl routes and installing more slant concepts.

The coaches and players can hype us up about this new shiny offense, but until we can really see how it works, we have to assume that this offense isn't going to come out the way that Cowboys fans have become used to seeing under Moore. The offense may start off as more of a slow build as the team gets more comfortable as the season progresses.