3 draft picks Cowboys got right and 2 they will regret

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Cowboys pick they will regret: Luke Schoonmaker, TE, Michigan

Don't take this wrong, because the Luke Schoonmaker pick wasn't terrible, it just really doesn't move the needle. It would have been one thing to take a tight end in Round 1 or Round 2 if they were a serious upgrade over Jake Ferguson but right now, it's not a lock to say that's the case with Schoonmaker.

He's also a player who had one year of production in the NCAA which isn't usually a major concern, but it can be in his case. Unlike most rookies, Schoonmaker comes into the NFL in his mid-20s, as he will be 25 before the season begins. He's nearly a full year older than Ferguson, who turned 24 in January.

Again, this isn't to say he's a wasted pick but considering how deep this class was, as well as the fact that Ferguson showed promise as a rookie, it might have made more sense to either wait on a tight end or maybe even gone for the higher-ceiling pick with a risk such as Darnell Washington (knee injury) or Tyler Kroft (small-school product).

Neither of those players is guaranteed to become a star but their ceiling is arguably higher than Schoonmaker, and the floor would be Ferguson as the starter with them serving as depth pieces. That seems as though it would be worth the gamble.

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