3 decisions the Cowboys might live to regret from 2024 NFL Draft

The Cowboys might have some regrets after the way the 2024 NFL Draft played out...
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3. Passing on WR Malachi Corley

Figuring out the WR2 position has been a brutal issue for the Dallas Cowboys over the last couple of years.

Brandin Cooks at least turned it on a little bit late last season, but the Cowboys have been having to ask way too much of CeeDee Lamb over the last couple of seasons, thanks to a decision to trade Amari Cooper and give a contract extension to Michael Gallup.

Gallup is now a member of the Raiders, so that gives you an indicator of how well that move went.

In the second round of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Cowboys had a chance to grab not just Trey Benson to upgrade at running back, but they also had a chance to get Western Kentucky star Malachi Corley. Corley is an absolutely pitbull at the wide receiver position, an offense creator who is tough as nails and difficult to bring down in space.

Not that he could have solved their WR2 issues, but maybe. The Cowboys passed completely on receivers in this class until the 6th round when they took sleeper prospect Ryan Flournoy, but having Corley in the second round could have been perfect for this offense.

And it would have given the Cowboys someone under contract, at the very least, if things don't go the way they hope with CeeDee Lamb. The Jets traded up with the Carolina Panthers and took Corley with the 65th overall pick, the top pick in round three.

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