3 decisions the Cowboys might live to regret from 2024 NFL Draft

The Cowboys might have some regrets after the way the 2024 NFL Draft played out...
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2. Taking Marist Liufau over Payton Wilson

Not that any analyst's opinion is the end-all, but the consensus surrounding Notre Dame linebacker Marist Liufau was much more on the "Day 3 pick" track than "Round 3 pick" track. The Cowboys selected Liufau with the 87th overall pick in what could be considered one of the bigger reaches of the draft.

But the Cowboys really like him, there's no doubt about it.

Liufau is well-liked by the Cowboys for his intelligence and aggressive style of play. You can't coach his relentless hustle, but did Dallas pass on a superior prospect to get him?

One player who was shockingly on the board still when the Cowboys were on the clock (twice) in the third round was North Carolina State linebacker Payton Wilson. The Cowboys obviously weren't the only team to pass on Wilson in this draft, but they're one of the teams that might ultimately regret doing it.

Wilson likely fell down the draft board due to his age and injury history at NC State, but he's a freaky athlete with big-time speed and range. He was an All-American and the ACC defensive player of the year this past season after racking up 138 total tackles, 17.5 tackles for loss, 6.0 sacks, and three interceptions.

He might have been worth the risk in round three for the Cowboys, especially with multiple picks in the round.