3 Dallas Cowboys studs (and 2 duds) from lopsided win over Carolina in Week 11

The Dallas Cowboys won easily in Week 11 against the Carolina Panthers and these were the studs and duds who stood out in the win
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Dallas Cowboys Dud: Jourdan Lewis, Cornerback

While Bland stood out, slot cornerback Jourdan Lewis struggled in coverage on Adam Thielen, giving up a 14-yard reception over the middle during the Panthers' first drive. Carolina had to punt the ball, but they did move it 41 yards on 10 attempts. That drive never should have gone that long, considering the mismatch between the teams, and letting Thielen get rolling was one of the issues.

In the third quarter, Thielen was able to beat Lewis once again, hauling in a second-and-10. This time, it wasn't a first down, but it did make it third-and-two for the home team. Carolina, as they did throughout the day, made it tougher on themselves with a penalty, as they were hit with a false start on the next snap.

The Panthers converted on fourth-and-two a couple of plays later, thanks in large part to Sam Williams running into the punter. While that hurt Dallas, the Panthers were primarily in a position to go for it thanks to the earlier play from Thielen — who also caught the ball on fourth down.

Lewis was again in coverage of Thielen when he caught a nine-yard pass on third-and-10, which allowed the Panthers to again go for it on fourth down. As they did during the two previous fourth-down attempts on this drive, the offense converted thanks to a three-yard run from Miles Sanders.

With Trevon Diggs out for the year, Lewis moved from fourth on the depth chart to third. In all honesty, he's better than most teams' option at CB4 but there have been times where he's stood out as the weak link in the secondary. This was one of those games.