3 Dak Prescott replacements Cowboys should target who’d be better than Trey Lance

Trey Lance might not be the answer for the Cowboys if Dak Prescott walks

Dallas Cowboys, Trey Lance
Dallas Cowboys, Trey Lance / Rich Barnes/GettyImages
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The Dallas Cowboys are doing Dallas Cowboy things this offseason.

Stephen Jones continues to flex his muscle in the front office and that means they're doing some serious bargain shopping. They went incredibly cheap in free agency and are now playing a dangerous game of chicken with Dak Prescott.

Social media has come alive with jokes about the cheap nature of Jones but there are some serious consequences he's flirting with. The main one comes from a complete lack of leverage in the negotiations with Prescott. Dallas cannot tag their quarterback, meaning he can walk in 2025 if they go too far with this approach.

If so, they might be able to lean on Trey Lance — but that's not an ideal option. Instead, they could look at one of these three replacements which would be better than Lance.

3. Jameis Winston

Taken first overall back in 2015, Jameis Winston did something incredible in his last season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Florida State product somehow managed to be good enough to lead the NFL in passing yardage with 5,109 yards while throwing 33 touchdowns. He also managed to be bad enough to throw 30 interceptions.

Tampa Bay moved on after that campaign and no one could blame them since they signed Tom Brady and won a title. Winston joined the New Orleans Saints and started 10 games over the past four seasons. He was 6-4 with 2,367 yards, 20 touchdowns, and 11 picks.

This year, he's the backup to Deshaun Watson with the Cleveland Browns. They believe he's an improvement upon Joe Flacco, which is saying something considering he won the NFL Comeback Player of the Year award.

Winston is known for his incredible goofy workout videos, which put Dak Prescott's hip movements to shame.

Those videos have made him a walking meme but in all honesty, he would be a decent bridge quarterback and a step up from Lance.