3 crucial bye week adjustments from Mike McCarthy that revived Cowboys offense

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys
Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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2. McCarthy took the training wheels off Dak Prescott

Though exaggerated by the general media, Prescott's interceptions were a major talking point last season.

While Prescott has taken much better care of the football in 2023, we like to think fans would take a few more INTs if the offensive game plan looks more like it did against the Rams ... and less like it had the first six games.

According to Next Gen Stats, Prescott completed 8-of-11 passes over 10 air yards for 153 yard and 4 touchdowns. He also set season-highs in CPOE (completion percentage over expectation) at +16.3% and success rate (57.9%).

Dak was admittedly on a heater from the first possession, but it was clear he had more freedom to throw the ball around. McCarthy (seemingly) has realized that the Cowboys best chance to have success on offense is to let Prescott deal.

On Sunday, Prescott attacked the middle of the field (a rarity in the first six games) and he took more shots down the field. McCarthy also didn't force the run game, which was a point of contention among fans early in the season.

Let Prescott cook and good things will happen.