3 Cowboys who immediately benefitted from Jerry Jones lifting Jimmy Johnson Curse

The Curse is Over! Hopefully!
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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Tony Pollard

Perhaps most crucially for the Cowboys, their speedy back got off the schneid, which -- and I think we can all agree on this -- Johnson and Jones can take full credit for.

Pollard, who hadn't broken the plane of the end zone since Week 1, didn't just score on Sunday, but found paydirt on an extra-powerful run. Sources say that Pollard looked like he had a little additional juice on his 20-yard sprint, fighting through defenders and dodging bodies, because the arc of the universe decided to bend towards justice this week.

That's an Angry Run if we've ever seen one. You could almost feel several decades of aggression between Jones and Johnson melting away in the process.

Both parties were cagey on Sunday about what exactly caused the long delay in acknowledging Johnson's role in bringing Dallas to prominence, but Jones gave his old coach the satisfaction of knowing that he hadn't had to earn membership in the Ring of Honor. He'd been born into it.

"When you're in, you're in," Jones said. "You've always been in. It's just a question of when."

It was just a question of when for Pollard's explosion, too, but the irony was not lost on Cowboys fans that both dams broke on Sunday afternoon.