3 Cowboys who immediately benefitted from Jerry Jones lifting Jimmy Johnson Curse

The Curse is Over! Hopefully!
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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DaRon Bland

It's not like the curse being lifted jumpstarted DaRon Bland's eye-popping season, but it certainly didn't slow him down.

Bland, in Trevon Diggs' absence, picked up his fourth pick-six of the campaign on Sunday, essentially salting away the victory (and the cover) in the fourth quarter against Carolina. Young probably wanted to be anywhere else other than on the field, down 14, attempting to make a positive impression against a revved-up Cowboys defense that was out for blood. Predictably, Bland was, instead, pretty spicy.

Six interceptions is a remarkable total for the second-year DB and 2022 fifth-round pick, and he certainly resembled Deion Sanders (the cornerback, not the coach) with his electric return in Sunday's game.

Cowboys fans needed the team not just to defeat the Panthers on Sunday to remove the stink of the Cardinals loss, but they needed to annihilate them. They needed the defense to operate on all cylinders. They needed the offense to remove all doubt. Bland delivered -- and, perhaps most encouragingly, one of their key offensive performers broke his own personal curse, too...