3 Cowboys who have offered almost nothing to the team in 2023

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2. Terence Steele

While it could be considered unfair to knock a guy who is coming off an ACL injury, the tape never lies. In the easy games Steele has been solid, but the two most significant ones were a different story. Pro Football Focus has him graded at a 45.4 so far this year. That is not good.

What really makes this situation tough is the massive contract extension the Cowboys gave Steele. This offseason, coming off a torn ACL, he signed a five-year, $82 million extension. Right now that has many fans steaming at Jerry Jones and rightfully so. Paying that much money to a guy who was originally an undrafted free agent who is coming off a major injury is risky.

While Steele has been healthy and has started all eight games, the right side of the line has been causing problems for Dak Prescott. The offensive line has surrendered 23 sacks, according to StatMuse. While that still ranks in the middle of the pack, Steele has allowed six of those sacks. What is worse is that he has performed poorly in the big games.

Steele could very well turn things around, but right now the five-year investment in him does not seem like it will last if this continues. The offensive line has only played a few games together due to injuries. The hope is the group will get more in rhythm as they continue to practice more together.