3 Cowboys who deserve to be benched after crushing Week 9 loss

Which Dallas Cowboys players need to be benched after Week 9 loss to Eagles?
Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
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3. Jourdan Lewis, CB

The Dallas Cowboys would like to ask for a mulligan on the Kelvin Joseph trade, please...

The 2023 season has not been kind to slot cornerback Jourdan Lewis. The rough year continued against the Philadelphia Eagles where the Eagles' passing attack seemingly picked on wherever Lewis was at on the field for the Cowboys.

Lewis has just one pass breakup in seven games this season. According to Pro Football Reference, Lewis is averaging 12.9 yards per completion allowed into his coverage, along with three touchdowns, and a QB rating of 109.5. That final number would be the worst in Lewis's NFL career up to this point if it holds up.

Quarterbacks are simply too efficient when throwing the ball into Lewis's coverage, and we saw more of that against the Eagles, including against tight end Dallas Goedert which really frustrated Cowboys fans during the game.


Perhaps defensive coordinator Dan Quinn will have to get creative here because, what is even the on-roster solution for the Cowboys in the slot? Do they need to look to free agency or pluck someone off of another team's practice squad?

Or do they just keep hoping it gets better with Jourdan Lewis while other teams continue to pick on him?

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