3 Cowboys duds (and 2 studs) from embarrassing loss to Arizona

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
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Cowboys Dud: Entire coaching staff

Losses happen in the NFL and it's not uncommon for the favorite team to get upset. It's always frustrating when that happens but it becomes flat-out embarrassing when the superior team gets run out of the building.

That was the case for the Cowboys who seemed to come into this one thinking they had an easy win on their hands.

They were flat and lifeless while showing no power in the run game. They gave up 222 yards on 30 rushing attempts and surrendered a 69-yard pass to Michael Wilson which happened when they appeared completely unaware that he was even on the field.

As if it wasn't bad enough that they were outplayed, they also continually shot themselves in the foot. Dallas was flagged 13 times for 107 yards. Actually, they were flagged more than that, there were just 13 accepted. They were so undisciplined that they even found a way to negate two penalties at once when they had a free play wasted thanks to a Tyler Smith hold.

If Mike McCarthy and his coaching staff did their homework, they would have seen that Arizona has had this team's number for years. Arizona had won six of the last seven games against Dallas and now made it seven of the last eight.

They have a shot to erase this next week against New England but this is a game they should have won. Not one where they should have been blown out. And that falls on coaching more than anything else.

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