3 Cowboys duds (and 2 studs) from embarrassing loss to Arizona

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Cowboys Stud: Michael Gallup, WR

Entering this game, Michael Gallup had just two receptions for 13 yards. A full year removed from his ACL injury, Gallup was expected to really bounce back in 2023 but that hasn’t been the case. He did, however, start to turn things around against Arizona.

With the Cardinals defense making Dallas work for every yard, Gallup wound up being one of the go-to guys for Dak Prescott.

On their first scoring drive, Gallup helped get the offense out of trouble when he hauled in a 19-yard pass on second-and-17. He also drew a big pass interference penalty on the first drive in the fourth quarter as they were trying to tie up the game. They had to settle for three, but likely wouldn’t have gotten that if not for Gallup drawing the penalty.

Dallas' offense ended the game with an interception in the end zone but that really shouldn't have happend. Gallup was electric on that drive and drew a flag on a pass to the end zone where the defensive back ran threw him on an underthrown pass. Every other franchise gets that call but for some reason, they picked up the laundry and Dallas had to try from farther out.

If they give them the call everyone else gets, the Cowboys surely punch it in from one-yard out. It might not have been enough for a win but it would have kept them alive.

Even with that going against him, Gallup had a team-high six receptions for 92 yards and nearly willed his team back into the game.