3 Cowboys who could be cut before playing a snap

The depth on the Cowboys roster is so competitive that these 3 players could be cut before ever taking a snap with the franchise
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On the heels of back-to-back 12 win campaigns, the Dallas Cowboys have put together a solid offseason that included the addition of Brandin Cooks and Stephon Gilmore. Poised to make a run at the NFC East once again, Dallas has a strong roster — which means there will be some talented players released as they trim it down to 53.

Due to that competition, there are some players who might be let go before ever taking a snap with the franchise, and here are three possible candidates.

3. Tristan Vizcaino, K

Over the past two seasons, the Cowboys have been on a roller coaster when it comes to the kicking game. They moved on from Greg Zuerlein, who wasn't terrible, but also had his share of frustrating misses. They then tried to roll with rookie Jonathan Garibay but he was so erratic during training camp that they brought back Brett Maher.

Maher, who fell apart at the end of his first stint with Dallas, was money in 2022. He connected on 29-of-32 kicks (90.6 percent) and was 50-of-53 on extra points. Then, he again showed why they moved on in 2019 as he lost his confidence in the postseason and went 1-of-6 on extra points.

Heading into the 2023 campaign, Dallas has said they will move in a different direction and so far, their only option has been Tristan Vizcaino — who was signed during the playoffs just in case they needed to pull the trigger on Maher.

Vizcaino has yet to find a permanent home but is an impressive 11-of-12 for his career on field goals. However, his extra points are also an issue, as he's just 15-of-20.

The Cowboys aren't expected to keep Vizcaino as their primary kicker, even if he's been lighting it up in camp. Instead, they're likely going to target a veteran and let him go before ever playing in the regular season.