2025 NFL Mock Draft: Cowboys swing big to rectify biggest roster flaw

Where will the Cowboys focus lie in the 2025 NFL Draft?
Omarion Hampton
Omarion Hampton / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
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Cowboys Round 2 Pick: Omarion Hampton, RB, North Carolina

Ezekiel Elliott might do a better job than many expect, considering how well he finished the season with New England. He’s also on a team-friendly deal (if you can ignore the fact that they’re already paying him not to be there).

Having said that, Zeke is a stop-gap solution. Dallas decided not to overpay in free agency and didn’t love the value at any spot in this draft when it came to running backs. That’s not a bad thing since it’s the most easily replaceable position in the game. But it also doesn’t mean they shouldn’t grab a player they think can carry the load full-time if the value is there — as is the case in this mock.

In Round 2, we grab Omarion Hampton from North Carolina. The 6-foot, 220-pound Hampton had 401 yards as a true freshman in 2022 and broke out in 2023. As a sophomore, he put up 1,504 yards and 15 touchdowns on the ground plus 222 yards and another score on 22 receptions.

He’s more than capable of doing the heavy lifting but the only concern might be if he plays well enough this season to go earlier than this. For now, he seems to be in the late second-round range which would be a home run for Big D.