2023 draft picks Cowboys already regret making (and who they should’ve picked)

If the Dallas Cowboys had a re-do on the 2023 NFL Draft, they might have decided to switch out three of their picks for these rookie standouts
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The Dallas Cowboys were pleased with their 2023 NFL Draft class when the selections were made but now that we're heading into their Week 7 bye, it's fair to ask if they're having second thoughts on any of the picks.

So far, their rookies have hardly made much of an impact at all, which is a far cry from recent years. With that being the case, here's a look at three draft picks they likely regret making as well as who they should have chosen instead.

Cowboys should have taken De’Von Achane over Luke Schoonmaker

Dallas has been solid at drafting for the past decade or so, but that doesn't mean they hit on every pick. Oftentimes, when they do miss, it has to do with scouting for a need rather than looking for the best talent on the board.

That appears to have been the case this year. While many expected them to go with Dalton Kincaid in Round 1, it was discovered later that the Cowboys were looking at nose tackle Mazi Smith and guard Matt Bergeron. In the end, they went Smith but that practically guaranteed they were going to target a tight end in Round 2 in an effort to replace Dalton Schultz.

As tight ends began to hear their names called, the options dwindled but in the end, Luke Schoonmaker was the pick at No. 58. The Michigan tight end has talent but there's an argument that can be made that he doesn't really move the needle more than Jake Ferguson, who has been the starter this year — and is still one year younger than the rookie.

Through six games, Schoonmaker has seen just one pass come his way — and while it went for a touchdown, he's been a non-factor outside of that play.

One player who would have been a better choice is running back De'Von Achane from Texas A&M. Achane was great in his junior season but his size (5-foot-9 and 188 pounds) led him to sliding into Round 3. There could be a concern about him running the ball 20 times per game but with Tony Pollard in the mix, he would have been a complementary back and a superior one to Rico Dowdle or Deuce Vaughn.

Achane did suffer a knee injury but is expected to return this season. And the Miami Dolphins will be thrilled when he's back since he has 460 yards and five touchdowns on just 38 attempts. That's an insane average of 12.1 yards per rush. Throw in the fact that he has nine receptions for 67 yards and two more scores and he will finish with more production than any other back behind Pollard even if he never returns.