2023 Dallas Cowboys Offense: Fact or Fiction

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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Fact or Fiction: CeeDee Lamb will lead the NFL in receiving yards

In 2022, Lamb finished with 1,359 yards, which was sixth-best in the league. The result for Lamb was a second-team All-Pro season. 

While we can expect Lamb to follow up with another great year, the Cowboys have made it clear how much they want to commit to their ground game and on top of that, the team will have a healthier Michael Gallup and the new addition of Brandin Cooks. 

This gives the offense more weapons to rely on and get the ball to rather than last year when Lamb was the only consistent weapon in the passing game. Not to mention, he has to compete with the likes of Justi Jefferson, Cooper Kupp, Tyreek Hill, Ja'Marr Chase, Davante Adams and Stefon Diggs, among others.