2023 Dallas Cowboys Offense: Fact or Fiction

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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Fact or Fiction: Tony Pollard has consecutive 1,000-yard rushing seasons 

I look back to the 2021 season when Cowboys Nation realized Tony Pollard was better at running back than Ezekiel Elliott. 

2022 Pollard proved that point by rushing for over 1,000 yards and scoring nine touchdowns. He looked more efficient and a better fit for the offense last year.

In 2023, even with added talent at receiver, head coach Mike McCarthy made it clear to reporters back in March that he wanted to “run the damn ball.” 

Now that Pollard is the lead back and will get his first full season in this role, I think it’s safe to say that the coaching staff wants to unleash number 20 more than ever, especially since he could leave after next season. This makes me believe he will hit the 1,000-yard mark again this season.