2 obvious reasons why the Cowboys should sign Dalvin Cook

Dallas Cowboys, Dalvin Cook
Dallas Cowboys, Dalvin Cook / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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1. Cowboys have the cap space

Fans have been wondering why the Cowboys haven't made any more moves, as they have over $21 million in cap space. The team seems uninterested in free-agent wide receiver Deandre Hopkins, and now Dalvin Cook is on the market.

Dallas should make a move for Cook now.

He likely won't be too expensive, and Dallas shouldn't let the cap space go to waste. It also seems like the Cowboys have been waiting to make a move and could have been waiting for Cook to get released.

Even after signing Cook, the Cowboys would likely still have more cap space leftover. They have the money and the players to compete for a Super Bowl and can't let Cook slip away.

Dallas releasing Ezekiel Elliott was a great move, and signing Cook as his replacement would be the icing on the cake. They can't expect Ronald Jones, Deuce Vaughn, or Malik Davis to fill in Elliott's shoes, and having a veteran running back like Cook would help each of their development.

Stay tuned to see what Dallas decides to do with their cap space and if they use it on Cook. Cook is the best free-agent running back on the market, and his presence makes Dallas even more of a Super Bowl contender.

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