2 obvious reasons why the Cowboys should sign Dalvin Cook

Dallas Cowboys, Dalvin Cook
Dallas Cowboys, Dalvin Cook / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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2. Cook gives Cowboys their best offense in the 21st century

Dalvin Cook on the current Cowboys roster would give them the best offense they've had in the 21st century.

Cook is a dynamic running back that has proved his worth over his entire NFL career. He has rushed for a total of 5,993 yards with 47 touchdowns and has been one of the faces of the Vikings for multiple years.

Having him and Tony Pollard in the same backfield would be electric. It would easily be the best running-back duo in the NFL and give opposing defensive coordinators nightmares. They could even roll out formations with both of them on the field. The possibilities are endless with these two elite backs on the same roster.

Cook is a strong runner between the tackles and is good at breaking tackles. Cook's unique and physical running style would allow Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy to open up the playbook and give the offense their best chance to succeed.

This duo also has the perfect balance of power and agility. Both backs can run between the tackles and outside and catch passes with relative ease. Dallas has never seen a true two-headed monster with Pollard on the roster, as Elliott was an average running back by the time Pollard hit his prime.

Cook and Pollard in the same backfield make Dallas' offense even more deadly and Dallas shouldn't pass up on an opportunity to bring him in.