10 QB prospects the Cowboys could draft to replace Dak Prescott in 2025

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No. 2: Conner Weigman, Texas A&M

Conner Weigman is a high variance player who could go at the top of the first round or the end of Day 2 depending how the 2024 season unfolds. The former five-star recruit is making his way up draft boards and has a legitimate claim to be at the top of the class.

Weigman is one of the more exciting prospects in the class. On one hand you have a QB who was dazzling in his 2023 season. On the other hand, you just have only a few games of data which is an irresponsibly low sample size for a prospect.  

Playing just 3.5 games in 2023, Weigman posted a 4.5% big-time throw rate compared to a 2.1% interception worthy rate (per PFF). His competition was suspect but he was the rare combination of safe and aggressive as a passer.

He’s a tough player, unafraid of taking a hit on the run or standing in the pocket to deliever. He makes good descions on third downs and is elite in standard passing sets. The Cowboys aren’t a play-action heavy team and Weigman just happens to be one of the best prospects in non-play-action passers in the draft. That’s a good indicator of success.

Weigman’s clock is impressive. His average TTT was at 2.56, delivering the ball quickly and on time. He rarely takes sacks which has a stable translation to the NFL.