10 QB prospects the Cowboys could draft to replace Dak Prescott in 2025

Washington Football Team v Dallas Cowboys
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No. 1: Carson Beck, Georgia

The top name on most draft boards is Georgia’s Carson Beck. Playing on one of the most talented rosters in college has advantages and Beck certainly profits from those advantages. Beck boasts a 1.19 wins above average park per PFF. The metric tracks how well he plays in different facets of the game and their direct impact on wins.

The Georgia offensive line rarely yields pressure, giving Beck a clean pocket and distraction-free experience as he scans the field. Beck’s numbers on early downs are particularly impressive.

At 6-foot-4, 220-pounds, Beck looks the part of an NFL QB. He has good arm talent and excellent anticipatory skills delivering the ball. He can throw on the run when he has to and rarely makes mistakes.

Beck doesn’t improvise much which could either be because his system works so well or it just could be something he’s lacking in his traits. But he gets the ball out quickly and doesn’t take sacks which is a stable stat that projects well into the NFL.

Beck would fit a number of systems the Cowboys could be potentially employing in 2025. Beck, likened to Jared Goff, is someone who would be ideal in a Shanahan offense which is more scripted and first-read focused than many but he’d also be smart enough to play in a multiple-read offense that asks him to go through progressions in the pocket.

Beck appears to be a high-floor prospect with a decent, but unspectacular ceiling. Dropped into the right situation he should have instant success.