Cowboys’ Micah Parsons just gave Jalen Hurts bulletin board material ahead of Week 16

Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

After a dicey win over the Texans in Week 14, the Dallas Cowboys have to make sure to take care of business against a budding Jaguars side on Sunday. While the Jags are the important objective on Dallas’ plate, the countdown has already started to their Week 16 showdown vs the Eagles at AT&T Stadium.

Of course, that game will mean nothing (even if the Cowboys win) if the Eagles grab their final two games (assuming they win in Chicago this week).

There’s only so much you can do to keep pace with a one-loss team, but a win at home vs the de facto Super Bowl favorites would at least give Micah Parsons and company a fighter’s chance to reclaim the NFC East and No. 1 seed.

Having won their previous two games by a combined 51 points (!), Philly is well-established as the NFL’s best team. It stinks to admit, but they play with a championship pedigree; like they’re out to prove something each and every week.

No player embodies their chip-on-the-shoulder mentality than Jalen Hurts. Despite proving countless critics wrong this season, Parsons thought it was a good idea to question Hurts’ hype and MVP candidacy.

Micah Parsons slights Jalen Hurts ahead of Cowboys-Eagles Week 16 showdown.

Parsons clearly knew (or so we hope) that Hurts was going to come across these words, one way or another. The rivals won’t lock horns for another 10 days, and have a game in between to take care of before that matchup takes centerstage, so this “criticism” will have ample time to marinate in Philly’s locker room.

It does’t appear that Parsons set out to rattle Hurts’ cage, but the Birds certainly won’t view it through that lens.

"“I’m not trying to make no enemies,” Parsons explained to Von Miller on The VonCast. “I just love the game so much, and I understand it so much, that when things are off, I just can’t hold it in. I’ve almost got to say something.”"

We get it, Micah. We really do. You’re a natural competitor and student of the game who doesn’t believe in posturing behind the microphone.

But there’s a time and a place to be authentic, and giving Hurts bulletin board material while he’s enjoying a revenge tour for the ages — he took slings and arrows from the media all offseason following the Eagles’ playoff loss to Tampa Bay — before the biggest game of the season is just a poor business decision.

In typical Hurts fashion, he had a cold-blooded response.

It might not seem like Hurts has given any thought to Parsons’ comments, but he kept numerous receipts from the offseason. You better believe they’re tucked away somewhere and will reappear after Philly takes care of business in Chicago.

Again, we love that Parsons welcomes a challenge, and his reluctance to put Hurts on a pedestal before the QB’s first playoff win is actually a level-headed take. But to throw meaningless shade at the player knowing how quickly words spread nowadays was a bold move.

Hopefully, these words — and the Birds — don’t come home to roost in Week 16.