Cowboys bringing back beloved throwback jerseys for Thanksgiving 2022

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 11: Miles Austin #19 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 11: Miles Austin #19 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys decided to add a little splash of color and nostalgia to their uniform rotation this season. With the NFL starting to relax their rules on what kind of helmets and jerseys can be worn, the Cowboys are immediately taking full advantage.

The NFL decided to bizarrely initiate a rule that stated only one kind of helmet shell could be used about a decade ago. The repealing of that rule has led to many throwback uniforms making a return in 2022, including the Falcons’ red helmet and Patriots AFL kits.

The Cowboys have been known to keep things very simple regarding uniforms, but their original design was, oddly enough, one of their more extravagant thanks to their two-tone look on the shoulder pads and snazzy white helmet. After being kept in mothballs for the last few years, this old-school look is coming back.

The Cowboys announced that they will wear their throwback uniforms during their traditional Thanksgiving Day matchup against the New York Giants. Chief Brand Officer Charlotte Jones said that the team is “beyond excited” to get these jerseys back into the rotation, and made special notice of the history these unis carry with them.

The Dallas Cowboys are bringing back their throwback jerseys

The Cowboys may not have had a ton of success in these uniforms, as they were worn during the formative years of Tom Landry’s tenure. Still, it’s nice to see Eddie LeBaron chucking the ball down the field to Don Perkins and Frank Clarke on those old NFL Films reels.

It’s really hard to mess up Dallas’ navy, white, and silver color scheme, but the throwbacks always popped thanks to their simplicity. They will finally get the chance to bring back memories of those early Cowboys teams (or perhaps Miles Austin going crazy against the Chiefs) once again.

The rival Giants have announced that they are going to wear their old ’80s throwbacks for a select few games this season. However, they won’t wear the old threads for the Dallas game. That’s a huge missed opportunity for a very tempting mashup of uniforms.

The Cowboys may not have the most exciting or bold color scheme in the world, but it’s hard to find a ton of people who think that the old throwback is anything other than a nice, classic look. Time will tell if Dallas ends up taking home a win over the Giants in their old threads.