3 moves the Cowboys need to make after the 2022 NFL Draft

Tony Pollard, Dallas Cowboys (Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports)
Tony Pollard, Dallas Cowboys (Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports) /
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We are past the point where the Dallas Cowboys front office is focused on college players they want to bring in. They’ve selected their nine draftees and they’ve added 20 undrafted free agents. Now, the roster evaluation process begins again. How do the new players and current ones fit into their longer-term plans? The Cowboys are also looking at their scouts and seeing who will be brought back and who is leaving.

It’s a very important time for this team. To many, the 2021 roster was one of the strongest that Dallas has had in many years. So how do they make it even better? What else can they do? Keep in mind that the longer the front office waits to make moves, the more likely they are to lose certain people. There are many things that can be done to help the team, but they need to make sure that they are able to do these three things as soon as possible to better position themselves for the future.

3 things the Dallas Cowboys need to do now that the 2022 NFL Draft is over

Cowboys, Tony Pollard
Nov 25, 2021; Arlington, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard (20) returns a kickoff for a touchdown against the Las Vegas Raiders at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /

1. Sign Tony Pollard to a New Deal

We started to see the writing on the wall last season for the Cowboys’ running game. Ezekiel Elliott is starting to physically wear down while Pollard was able to carry the load and be the more effective running back even with fewer attempts than Elliott. The reason this team needs to start working on the Pollard deal is that we’ve seen this story before with DeMarcus Lawrence, Dak Prescott, and Elliott.

Dallas likes to wait and try to wear down the player until they take a deal they feel is acceptable. The problem is the Cowboys are never able to get that team-friendly deal. Think about how poorly figuring out contracts went with Prescott and Elliott. Dallas is now paying the price for those poorly thought-out decisions.


If this front office allows Pollard to hit the free-agent market, then he will quickly be priced out of their range. This season should be a year of new philosophies for this team and extending players earlier rather than later should be one of those philosophical changes. This team can’t let a dual-threat running back like Pollard go because they may not be able to find another one like him in the draft or trust that Elliott will hold up if you let him walk.