Stephen Jones said he sees Cowboys ‘having activity’ in free agency despite minimal moves

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Stephen and Jerry Jones hopped on a plane to Palm Beach, Florida, to take part in the NFL’s annual meetings. The yearly conference brings together execs and coaches from all 32 teams to discuss rules, issues, and speak to the media. After a tumultuous offseason so far, reporters had many questions for the Dallas Cowboys‘ executives.

Stephen Jones hilariously tried to explain how losing Randy Gregory was actually a good thing. Jerry Jones said he is incredibly proud of the culture around the organization despite a recent $2.4 million settlement paid to cheerleaders after a voyeurism scandal was revealed in relation to a recently retired Cowboys exec. Mike McCarthy wasn’t even there. It’s been an interesting few days, to say the least.

One thing that stood out was Stephen Jones’s comments on free agency. First, he sadly entirely squashed the idea that the team would sign free agent veteran linebacker Bobby Wagner. The real reason is likely that they don’t want to pay Wagner, but Stephen said that their faith in previously-injured Jabril Cox, Micah Parsons, re-signed Leighton Vander Esch, and safety Jayron Kearse makes him confident about the linebacker position.

To add to that, Stephen told reporters that he still sees the organization “having activity in free agency.” Which begs the question… when?! In three weeks, the Cowboys have signed two external free agents: James Washington and Dante Fowler Jr. Are they important adds? Sure. Are they Pro Bowl-caliber players? Absolutely not. Not only were the Cowboys the last of all 32 teams to make an external signing (despite many players being available and money being saved on Amari Cooper and Gregory), but they also have not made another move since signing Washington and Fowler almost two weeks ago.

Despite only two external free agency moves so far, Stephen Jones said he sees the Cowboys “still having activity” in free agency

The reason Stephen sees this is that the Cowboys, one of the world’s most valuable sports teams, are waiting it out to see who they can get in the bargain bin. The Joneses are waiting for leftover free agents to be willing to take smaller contracts. Here is a full quote from Stephen from the Dallas Morning News:

"“There’s going to be some guys who wait around hoping their market improves, not unlike prior years. There is a lot of activity early, then things settle down. People pick away at it, but we’ve found some good value over the years, just being patient and seeing what comes our way. But we’re not done yet. I see us still having activity in free agency.”"

Sometimes it works, but other times it doesn’t. A positive example would be Jayron Kearse. When the Cowboys signed him last year, there was no excitement around him. He hadn’t done much in the league. But Kearse had a breakout year. Other times, frugal, one-year deals just bring you low-level talent that will be out the door next year.

It’s hard to believe a lot of what comes out of both Stephen and Jerry’s mouths. So take this quote for what it is, and know that “having activity” means waiting for people to lower their price tag and sit down at the negotiating table with the Cowboys’ front office.

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