Micah Parsons one of many excited about Dan Quinn staying with Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /

Dallas Cowboys fans were thrilled on Thursday morning when Dan Quinn told the team that he would be staying in Dallas as the defensive coordinator. After interviewing for jobs with the Bears, Broncos, Dolphins, Vikings, and Giants, many were worried that Quinn would be gone next year.

But, after the Bears spot was filled by Matt Eberflus from the Indianapolis Colts and the Broncos job was secured by Nathaniel Hackett from the Green Bay Packers, Quinn announced he was staying with the Cowboys. The former Atlanta Falcons head coach came to Dallas to help a struggling defense. And he delivered. The Cowboys led the league in turnovers (34) and interceptions (26) after having one of the worst defensive squads in the NFL in 2020.

Cowboys rookie standout Micah Parsons has repeatedly vouched for Quinn and feels that his DC was a huge part of his growth as a rookie. His second-year cornerback teammate Trevon Diggs has expressed the same sentiments.

So when Parsons heard the good news this morning, he went to Twitter to share the good news.


Cowboys rookie linebacker Micah Parsons reacts to news that DC Dan Quinn is staying with the team

His tweet has a lion emoji, an eagle emoji, and a goat emoji. Since we already know that Parsons considers himself a lion and he nicknamed Diggs the eagle, I guess this means the rookie thinks Quinn is the GOAT. That’s high praise from a player who has a chance to win both Defensive Rookie of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year.

With doubts swirling around about head coach Mike McCarthy, it’s comforting to know that the defensive squad is fully bought in on Quinn as their leader. Parsons had this to say to the press when asked what Quinn did to help the team make a turnaround:

"“I think Q found a way to touch everybody in our defensive room’s heart. I think he found a way for us all to want to fight for him. Play for him. Some things are just more than football. And I think that’s what Q represents. It’s never just football with Q. I think if he could and he was 30 years younger he would put some pads on and fight with us. So I think that’s special. He was a hands-on coach, and he made sure you really understood everything that was going on. He didn’t let nothing go without being understood. So I think that’s what Q did the best.”"

The Penn State product was even understanding and happy for his coach when Quinn began receiving interview requests. The rookie recognizes how great of a guy Quinn is and simply wanted the best for him.

You have to imagine that guys like Parsons are so eager to get back on the field and put the Wild Card loss behind them. Now, they get to do so with the coach who helped them lead the league in several defensive categories.