How the Dallas Cowboys’ recent surge can help them in the playoffs

Mastering your timing will win you games in the playoffs, and the Dallas Cowboys know that

The best team in the NFL isn’t always the team that wins the Super Bowl. Sometimes a team just needs to get hot at the right time. The best way to compete for a championship is to have a top team and get your team surging upward at the right time.

The Cowboys have one of the top teams in the league. What separates this team from previous teams is they are finally playing up to their standards, and at times exceeding them. Their recent success on both sides of the ball will ensure they have the best chance possible to compete for the Lombardi Trophy.

The Cowboys should take a page out of Philly’s book

We all remember the underdog Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl back in 2018. Their roster was not strong enough to deserve it, but the team got themselves to their best form at the right time.

The Cowboys’ defense has undeniably surprised everyone leaguewide by being the top team in forcing turnovers. This franchise has always struggled with defensive success. However, this year, the offense has been disappointing at times. While injuries have played a role at times, it seems communication was an issue, as well.

Over the past four weeks, we have seen this team play at its best. The Cowboys won all of their December games, and have given up 20 or fewer points in each of those games. They also scored 27+ points in three of those four contests, headlined by their 56-point performance this past week.

The Cowboys need to keep the ball rolling to win the Super Bowl

There are two games left before the Wild Card, and Dallas has already clinched themselves a spot in the playoffs. The Green Bay Packers are one game ahead of Dallas for the top seed in the NFC, earning themselves a bye week. While rest would serve injured players well, not having a week off can definitely help momentum.

A win against a top NFC contender in the Arizona Cardinals and a win against the Eagles would mean the Cowboys end the season with six straight wins. Not sure how much more momentum you can have than that. Their top offense in the NFL and their playmaking defense can push them through the playoffs whether they earn a bye week or not.

Making big defensive plays and offensive efficiency will thrust this team to the Super Bowl. Of course, it is easier said than done. But the Cowboys have proved they have what it takes to win it all.

While this is the most confident I have been with the team heading into the playoffs, it is up to the coaching staff to ensure the players continue their dominance. After all, the regular-season success won’t matter anymore in just two weeks.

The Cowboys have collapsed in the playoffs many times before. Hopefully, things are different this time around. They need to take a page out of their NFC rival’s book and use this current momentum to push their already dominant team to the finish line.