Can the Cowboys truly snap WFT’s four-game winning streak?

Cowboys (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Cowboys (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

58. Cowboys -4.0. 1 PM ET. FOX. Sunday, Dec 12. 8-4. 123. 6-6

I hope that the Dallas Cowboys got the much-needed rest they needed as they are now on track to face what used to be the NFC East. I say that because I still remember the days when the Phoenix Cardinals were part of this storied division.

Now, the Arizona Cardinals are the lone remaining opponent left for the Cowboys outside of the current NFC East. Before we can talk about the chances the Cowboys have of attaining the number one seed in the NFC, the Cowboys have to clip a division foe that was an afterthought after the first seven weeks of the season.

The Cowboys were cruising with a 6-1 record while the Washington Football Team was floundering at 2-5. The Cowboys’ recent struggles have opened the door for Washington to at least have a shot at winning the division.

If you don’t remember, Washington was 2-5 last season and still went on to win the NFC East. Don’t look now but Washington will enter Sunday’s contest with a four-game winning streak while the Cowboys will attempt to figure out how their returning pieces will work together moving forward.

The Cowboys will have familiar faces back on defense in Week 14

If you haven’t heard, chances remain high that both defensive lineman Randy Gregory and Neville Gallimore will return to action this Sunday in Washington. They join defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence who returned to action last week. It is now up to the coaching staff to push the right buttons and rotations.

If you arent worried about Sunday’s matchup then you might be fooling yourself. It is debatable but other than the losses to the Pirates, (Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Las Vegas Raiders), the Cowboys have struggled with opponents who have power run games and/or play strong aggressive defense.

Washington fits that profile who are a reflection of their head coach Ron Rivera. “Riverboat Ron”, as some like to call him, ran the Carolina Panthers that way and even has a Super Bowl appearance to his credit running that style.

You better believe if he did it before he probably thinks he can do it again. No, I’m not saying Washington will make it to the Super Bowl but he knows his best chance of beating Dallas is to slow the game down and give the Cowboys offense fewer opportunities.

That type of game plan can also wear down a defense much quicker than normal. Make no mistake about it, Washington has a hammer of an offensive line when talking about the running game. Washington quarterback Tyler Heinekie isn’t great but he is best described as an opportunistic quarterback.

If Dallas can win on Sunday in Washington, they could wrap up the division in Week 15 if they win in New York and Philadelphia loses to Washington. That means if Dallas beats Washington this weekend, we would need their help the following week in order to lock up the division.

A win in Week 14 for the Cowboys does not mean they can rest on their laurels

Even if Dallas wins on Sunday, the work is not over. Washington has one of the worst ending schedules I have ever seen. Washington’s last five games go Dallas, Philadelphia, Dallas Philadelphia, New York Giants. Great creativity NFL schedule makers.

The Cowboys have to break this four-game winning streak Washington is currently on but this team cannot lose this weekend without adding additional stress to themselves and their fan base. I might be in the minority but am tired of seeing Dallas fans on social media destroy each other.

Everyone gets things wrong so save your “receipts” for the opposition. After being embarrassed by Washington last year, the time has come to return the favor. Washington swept Dallas last season where the Cowboys only scored 19 points combined in both contests.

I can still remember being ridiculed by Washington fans while walking out of AT&T Stadium on Thanksgiving of last year when they beat Dallas 41-16. That remains the only game I have ever attended with my father so forgive me if I’m still a bit “salty”. I hope Cowboys fans, who should outnumber the home teams fans this weekend, enjoy a victory lap in our nation’s capital this weekend. (Yes I know Washington plays in Landover, Maryland).

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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has a 7-1 starting record against Washington. I would love nothing more than to type Dak Prescott is 9-1 against Washington 21 days from now. Payback is always sweet but snapping their four-game winning streak and crushing Washington’s hope of becoming the first back-to-back NFC East winner since 2004 is more than I could have asked for. Let’s go Cowboys!