Cowboys win but consistency is key for them going forward

Cowboys (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Cowboys (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

15. Final. 27. 123. 17

The Dallas Cowboys needed a win on Thursday night and they came out and got it. Without their head coach, with Mike McCarthy being out with Covid, they would be led by defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn.

His unit came out to play too. The Defense had quite a few bright spots, turning Taysom Hill and the Saints offense over four times and for four interceptions, while also holding them to 17 points. The offense was electric at times and especially on their first scoring drive. The drive really got started with a big Amari Cooper catch for 41 yards.

The next chunk play was a huge CeeDee Lamb run after the catch for 33 yards to the New Orleans one-yard line. The touchdown was capped off by a huge Michael Gallup snatch of a touchdown over the defender’s head. That was a heck of a sequence. All of the above highlights both sides of the ball at their very best on Thursday, but they also had moments where they didn’t look so good.

The Cowboys need to get back to their consistent ways

Allowing Taysom Hill to convert on huge runs, that aided in the defense also allowed over 400 yards of total offense. Needing to close the deal and be indicative of the same point, they also allowed a 70-yard touchdown in the final moments.

Though the game was still able to be put away, those are the types of plays you want to avoid when trying to continue building good habits and especially when it was almost as simple as a few missed tackles there. The offense was the same. Just like they hit on enough big plays to win the game, they left a few out there. The whole offense played decently, but the point is that they can be better.

That stands for everyone on the team moving forward. With three divisional games on the way and a chance to continue to get back on track for a hopeful postseason campaign, it would behoove them to get back to being consistently good, at least, on both sides of the ball.

The coaching also took that cue on Thursday. Though they still passed the ball 40 times, the Cowboys ran it 24 times as well. Tony Pollard’s huge touchdown run helps out the figures and averages, surely. However, the sheer volume and attempts helped him pop that big one at the moment he did. It’s a law of averages thing. That comes with consistently giving it a go though.

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The only thing that matters and especially after a skid as they’ve been on is that they won the game. However, moving forward, with the games they have coming up, and with what they still hope to do, they need to work on becoming more consistent in all phases as they look to win these games.