Dallas Cowboys fans, let’s have an honest talk about Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)
Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images) /

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The Dallas Cowboys appeared that they were celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday early when they took on the Kansas City Chiefs.  Well, at least the offense. Rather than waiting until the holiday to be lazy and do the bare minimum, the offense chose to do so a few days early. I think it’s time we have an honest conversation with each other.

Before we get into the divisive stuff, let me give a standing ovation to the Dallas Cowboys defense. Exhausted and probably frustrated with the offense, they held the Chiefs to 19 points and didn’t let Patrick Mahomes find the end zone. That is a stellar defensive performance.

Micah Parsons continued his march towards the Defensive Rookie of the Year in dominant fashion providing constant pressure on Mahomes. Jayron Kearse reeled in an interception and the rest of the group played their asses off.

But, let’s face it. It is time for this conversation to be had. Dak Prescott played poorly today. He did not have any rhythm, he was constantly under duress facing pressure seemingly every time he dropped back, and his wide receivers gave him no help with a handful of drops today.

Before I say more, I understand Dak was trying to lead a handicapped and undermanned offense. The Cowboys entered the game without Amari Cooper and Tyron Smith. Things only got worse when CeeDee Lamb missed the entire second half due to a concussion, a situation that becomes very curious with a short week to prepare.

Here comes the inevitable and rather heavy “but” in this conversation. He didn’t have all of his guys, BUT, at some point that has to not matter and elite quarterbacks find a way to make it happen. I am a “Dak guy” and do believe the Cowboys can win a Super Bowl with him, BUT, games like this require elite quarterbacks (with elite contracts) to play “Superman” regardless of who’s around them. The offensive line struggled and gave no run game help, BUT, there are games elite quarterbacks have to put the team on their back and win it with their arm.

His performance is at the forefront as it rightly should be. It’s the Dallas Cowboys. It’s America’s team. Prescott is the quarterback of the most recognizable franchise in the NFL. His play is under a microscope, and like it or not, he can’t play like this in marquee matchups against the best of the best.

Yes, he did answer the bell against Tom Brady in Week 1, but this performance is one that is almost inexcusable. You just can’t lose games to the Chiefs when your defense gives you the outstanding effort that they did. That has to be a win. The criticism is unavoidable and performances like this create an even louder division around if he can win the big ones, was his contract worth it, and many other things.

I believe Dak Prescott is the guy for the Dallas Cowboys and recognize it is also okay to admit his downfalls and call it out

All of that criticism said I will be the first one in line to also say Dak is one of the few most likely to bounce back and fix things in a hurry. I’ve said it before and won’t waiver on it: I firmly believe in Dak, the quarterback, but possibly even more so, Dak, the leader. He knows this performance isn’t good enough and part of what has helped him in his career with his rebound performances.

This is a crossroads for Prescott. He needs to win these big games. Call me crazy, but I think he turns the tide and starts winning the big ones. Still, it can’t go without discussion when it doesn’t happen. I still like Dak to bounce back, flush this, and move on.

It IS OKAY to believe in Dak and also call out his poor performances. It doesn’t have to be “Dak is the guy” vs. “we can’t win with Dak” among the Cowboys fan base. He is better than at least 25 other teams’ quarterbacks. We are still lucky to have him.  Us Cowboys fans need to remember to view both sides of the good and the bad.

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We can recognize the bad, applaud the good, and realize it doesn’t have to be black and white. Prescott is the guy the Dallas Cowboys have committed the future to and it’s time to realize he isn’t going anywhere so we might as well be 100% behind him. I know I am going to come right back Thursday and put my #4 jersey on. Prescott is one I don’t want to bet against.