NFL-leading Dallas Cowboys offense sputters, fails to score touchdown

Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

Final. 9. 123. 19. 124

The Dallas Cowboys came into this Kansas City Chiefs game off of a dominant performance against the lowly Atlanta Falcons. Needing to bounce back in a major way and especially against that team, they did.

With the way that the offense hummed along in that one, you would have thought that they would come into Sunday’s game sharp and crisp. Well, near the end of the week and a few days away from the game, it was announced that Amari Cooper was positive for Covid-19.

You still thought that this explosive offense could get some things done though. With all their pieces, they should have still been able to muster up some touchdowns, right?

Wrong. All wrong.

It wasn’t on any single particular player today. Dak Prescott wasn’t good. He missed a throw to open up the game that would have surely been a huge gain. He wasn’t sharp all game long.

The Dallas Cowboys came out on Sunday and failed to even score a TD

It’s hard to be sharp though when you’re being fired off on like he was, at times, throughout the game. The offensive front was dominated and feasted upon, allowing Prescott to be thoroughly and downright… harassed.

The pass-catchers that could go the distance, Cooper being out and with CeeDee Lamb sustaining a concussion at the end of the first half on a Dak Prescott interception, dropped balls. All of that hurt them and ultimately, killed them.

The fact and stat that says it all about this performance is this one. They had no touchdowns. Even without the guys that you didn’t have, you are supposed to score a touchdown. Dak Prescott, the offensive line, the pass-catchers, and Kellen Moore all have to take major blame there.

Losing two of their last three contests, things don’t necessarily get easier in the coming week. Though the Oakland Raiders seemed like a beatable team, before playing like pure garbage on offense against the Chiefs, it’s a quick four-day turnaround for that Thanksgiving game.

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The defense was pretty good, honestly, and for as much as you could expect, keeping the Cowboys in the game for much of it. Their offense totally failed them on Sunday though. They can’t be this inept on Thursday… or they’ll lose again.