Why the Dallas Cowboys cannot separate these two men

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The Dallas Cowboys carry a 5-1 record into the bye week and the biggest story that surrounds the team is the status of head coach Mike McCarthy. With the Cowboys doing so well, it isn’t surprising to see some media outlets come up with negatives to poke the Dallas faithful into stirring up a debate.

One of the biggest reasons the Cowboys have maintained their America’s Team moniker is the rath that comes with messing with Cowboys fans is often the driving force in those ratings. The latest obstacle the news has given us is what to do with Mike McCarthy?

It has been so loud that even owner Jerry Jones mentioned it in his weekly radio interview. For the record, I do not have an issue with McCarthy’s game management up to date but I acknowledge that it could be something to look for in the future.

With that said, there is no way the Cowboys’ front office can separate quarterback Dak Prescott and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. Towards the end of this season, suitors will likely line up in an attempt to poach Kellen Moore for their head coaching gig. The Las Vegas Raiders have already fired their coach so mark that as one potential landing spot for Moore.

I think that if forced to make a move, the Cowboys have to retain Kellen Moore at almost all costs. Let me be clear, this has nothing to do with Mike McCarthy as I have grown fond of the head coach. This is about not letting talent walk out the door.

If the Cowboys can retain both current coordinators and McCarthy at their current positions, I am a happy man. If Moore is on the verge of leaving the Cowboys for a head coaching job, the Cowboys have to make Kellen Moore their head coach.

Once again, this isn’t about McCarthy but rather about not letting a potential game-changing coach walk out the door. If you prefer defensive-minded head coaches, Matt Eberflus has done a magnificent job in Indianapolis as their defensive coordinator. He was also the linebackers coach here in Dallas and someone the Cowboys shouldn’t have let get away.

If you prefer the offensive side of the ball, Sean Payton should sound like a familiar name and one that could have already changed the narrative of this franchise. Payton was the offensive coordinator here in Dallas before becoming an iconic coach for the New Orleans Saints.

Payton left for New Orleans a year before then head coach Bill Parcells retired and it would have changed history if the Cowboys had been proactive. The point I am making is this has happened before to the Cowboys.

It’s never a good time to let your head coach go until it is too late. If Moore’s suitors back him into a corner and the Cowboys make the head coaching move, it almost instantly becomes a forgotten topic if the Cowboys can continue to roll.