Dallas Cowboys: Amari Cooper doesn’t shy away from reality of season

Dallas Cowboys, Amari Cooper (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys, Amari Cooper (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) /

After five weeks in the books this season, the Dallas Cowboys are 4-1, rightfully on top of the NFC East, and riding a four-gaming winning streak. America’s Team continues to evolve and progress with each passing week, showcasing a high-octane offense, a tough-as-nails defense, and a special teams unit that delivers consistently when needed in field goals and punts.

The Cowboys are clicking on all cylinders and well, the sky is the limit. Sure, it helps that they’re playing in the NFC East against severely below-average teams but at the end of the day, winning is everything. It doesn’t matter if you beat bad teams, playoff-contending teams, or teams in the middle of the pack. A win is a win and regardless of who you beat or how you beat them, that is all that ultimately counts during the regular season.

Considering how great the Cowboys have been playing over these last few weeks, people are already believing that they can indeed be a playoff contender and then some. As a matter of fact, many are also saying the Cowboys are built to make a serious run and potentially make an appearance in the Super Bowl.

Amari Cooper is already thinking Super Bowl for the Dallas Cowboys

Amari Cooper believes in this sentiment as he didn’t hold back in his post-game comments after doing his part in a huge Week 5 win over the New York Giants. In an article written by Schuyler Dixon of the Associated Press, here’s what Cooper thinks of this fantastic winning streak of the Cowboys:

"“When you’re on a roll like this, you start thinking about a Super Bowl. That’s just the reality of it,” Cooper said. “You start to want it more and more the closer you get, and you start to worry about the little things more.”"

The Cowboys are not a perfect team but they’re showing all the right signs of proper game adjustments, tweaking things up weekly, and executing some pretty good game plans against opponents. These are the signs of a good football team transitioning into a great one and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

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This season is going by quickly as we’re already halfway into October and the Cowboys are not only getting the recognition they deserve but a lot more respect for getting the job done and taking care of business. As long as they continue taking the season one game at a time, Cooper is absolutely right about the reality of this season so far. The Cowboys are undoubtedly on the right track to make this year a super season to remember if everything falls into place.