Dallas Cowboys handle their business over Giants and escape injury free

Dallas Cowboys (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports) /

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In a game that the Dallas Cowboys were supposed to win, they came in and eventually handled their business. Starting off the game sloppy, allowing the New York Giants to hang around longer than they should have, the Cowboys would only lose the game if they beat themselves.

They would go on to overcome themselves and the Giants would then prove to not be a problem at all. As noted in the headline, the big story from this game were the injuries and luckily, not on the Cowboys’ side in a major way.

Though Ezekiel Elliott stayed down longer than you would have liked him to on a run that saw him pushed into the pylon and the first down markers, he would make a speedy return and continue to be his same effective self. On the other side though, they weren’t able to keep their star back upright.

Saquon Barkley would leave the game very early on with a bad ankle injury after stepping on Jourdan Lewis’s foot. It was the size of a grapefruit… literally.

Giants quarterback, Daniel Jones, wouldn’t make it the entire game either, being replaced by Mike Glennon at a point. He was the victim of a nasty hit from Cowboys linebacker, Jabril Cox, that would send him out of the game staggering.

The Dallas Cowboys were supposed to win and they took care of business

The Giants were already without a slew of guys. On top of Barkley and Jones though, they would also lose a cornerback and their third of their top-three receivers, Kenny Golladay, as their other top-two were already down with an injury.

Again though and fortunate for the Cowboys, they were not as afflicted in Sunday’s game. They were their same explosive selves and aside from the early sloppy play and a few center-quarterback exchanges that need attention this week in practice, they played a pretty good game.

Giants rookie, Kadarious Toney, gave the Cowboys a slight issue before he was ejected, where they need to be better at defending flat-out speed/quickness and where he could have been a killer for them, they were eventually able to overcome it all. Again, Toney being ejected for throwing a blow certainly helped as well.

The Giants just didn’t have enough to get it done and the Cowboys were their same explosive selves on both sides. Trevon Diggs continued his excellent ways by adding another interception and Anthony Brown actually had a pick-six late.

Again, they handled their businessdid what they were supposed to do, and all other sports clichés that apply to scenarios where there is clearly a superior team on one side. They must now get ready for the mastermind we call Bill Belichick and his New England Patriots.

With his mind, that defense, and Gillette Stadium to contend with, it won’t be an easy contest. They should win, but it will be a good litmus test for if the Cowboys really are what they appear to be.

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If they give Belichick a chance, window, or slither of light, he will find it and that is the test ahead of them. As far as the standard NFC East Quiz that was before them on Sunday, they aced it and though not with flying colors, they did what they needed to do to further take control of a division that they should be able to run off with.