Dallas Cowboys: Defensive versatility and intensity at the heart of resurgence

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All is well in Dallas Cowboys Land. Well, that’s as of right now, and hopefully, it remains that way. The Cowboys had a winnable matchup against a Carolina Panthers team on Sunday that was without their Star, a general superstar of the league, and a dynamic all-purpose back in Christian McCaffrey. However and with the Panthers being undefeated, themselves, coming into this contest, it was just as much a losable one as well and proved to be as such.

The game still had to be played and both teams still had to show up to do it though. For the Cowboys’ defense, at least the absence of CMC provided one huge point of relief, so to speak.

If they were to be the same guys that they have been through the first three weeks of the season though, then they would be prepared for any, every, and either situation. That’s exactly what they were, with or without McCaffrey on the field. Sunday was just another feather in the cap of a unit that’s come so far. Though they have to maintain this pace, the leap has been astonishing.